As an actor I succeeded where all others failed.
I grew in my acting capabilities, discovered new avenues
of expression within me. Each new film, there was more
screen time. Yes, the rumours of on-set love affairs, tantrums,
misbehaving were all true, trust me, no matter what The Mouse
paid to make it all just go away. Someone had to make that
poor girl happy and it sure wasn’t Sailor boy-lover, if you know
who I mean. But did they get rid of me? Did they dump me like
the dumb horse? What about when the chickens lost their brains?
I’ve never come to grips with the loss of so many good cartoon characters.
Did I falter? No. I grew and I worked and I made good movies
which is all an actor can ask for. Were there mistakes? Yes! Regrets?
More than a few buster, but … that! … has always been the price of genius.

(The other duck entered into the Olympus of cartoons in 1937. Blowing raspberries has never been the same since. GG)