People say I’m angry, but I’m an ordinary guy —
look at Goofy — he’s happy all the time;
we all know what ‘happy all the time’ means.

What about Daisy? No, you talk about Daisy, but
what about Daisy? I mean, she doesn’t do anything,
she has nicer clothes and a nicer car than me?!
!!#*%*!! Don’t get me started on Daisy.

And don’t get me started on the mouse —
FUCK THE MOUSE — there I said it and
I FEEL BETTER — fuck the mouse and all of his
house — they’re no friends of mine.

Angry? ANGRY? (My face is beet red. My arms windmill.)
Talk to me about your richer than Warren Buffet uncle
who delights in your misery, incapability and continuous penury,
and to add insult to injury, monthly requires your assistance
to protect his swimming pool filled with gold … FOR NOTHING!


I haven’t even started yet. How about my “where did they come
from nephews?” 3 goddamn clones who, in conspiracy with my
previously mentioned richer than Croesus uncle, regularly belittle,

mock and undo me — often to make things better …

to help me …

do you understand what helpless is?

Ward Maxwell