(for my brother)

Every song
as important as the last
and in New York the ramparts did sway

For you if you
And we go this way into
Your good night.

Mister did you know or did you not
Stumbling upon your winding streets
Swaying from post to post
To pillar and back

Did you know we knew
As you puked
Into your timeless existence
And fell down for all Eternity

Father you called
Or for your priest
As we listened and hung ourselves
Sweetly upon your oh so very words

Words that came so lightly
So beautifully trippingly from out
Your mouth and tongue
Spilling us all your immortal delights

Oh did you know
Every song as important as that last
The birth of you or not
To be taken lightly like the light

Go now soft into your good night
My poet, my seer, the love, your words.
And oh my poet brother too
Who died in wet worship as did you.

John Tench