He guarded me. Laughed with me and made me laugh.
He hugged me, inspired me, awed me and made me proud.
Stood up for us, looked up for us, made us look down and explore the ground as well as the skies around.
He carried us across many a river. Drove cars for us, got lost with us and then helped us find our way. He taught me how to read a compass, orient my way and find edible wilds. To jar jams and brew interesting concoctions, teas and drinks and pickled watermelon sugars.
He showed me where the North Star hung always motionless never changing in its crowded domain there just off the Bear, which we call the Dipper. He philosophized with me and then laughed with me to not take is so seriously with a wink and a glint and a kiss and a smile.
He led the way down steep winter hills on skis and told me it was okay to be afraid. Led me down forest paths, with bear bells and rose hips for tea. Up roads and cross countries, hikes thru fields and times on the lakes and down south and across historic Seas.
He taught me things each day about poetry, music, art and we laughed at my attempts at Comedy and he cried at my Drama which he always loved and I think of him when I see these familiars and dwell in the thoughts of his poetry and the distant memories. Brother, confidante, consigliere, Poet, actor, singer songster, Son and Father, gone now but always remembered cause he left us all with something strong.

© John Tench, 2014