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animals always walk
like they’re wearing high heels

Director speaks: “pulse first—the room must be airy with as high a ceiling as possible—looking up into a high ceiling is like looking up the skirt of an impossibly beautiful model —it’s only natural”
establish beat—”are you press, or VIP?”—”the bar is open for one hour, then it’s cash”—”the show starts at 10:30″—”would you like an hors d’oeuvre—it’s made with a slice of gruyere cheese, horseradish mayo, rare roast beef, topped with coriander and drizzle of sesame seed oil”—”I mean it has been consuming her for the past two months, and look at her, it’s as if she just stepped off the cruise ship”
layer techno with reggae, layer with salsa, layer with R&B, layer with brujo, layer with pixie dust, layer with tartan kilts, layer with heavy drum beat, killer snare riff, machine drum cymbal sizzle, layer with silver and electric sparkles
make conversation impossible—people will only talk louder and enjoy themselves more
models and strippers are mirror images of each other—strippers mock women for wanting to be like them and dare men to want them—models mock men for wanting them—and dare women to want to be like them
light show—”great flowers of psychedelic colour and grainy films of hand-painted animation cut with 60’s big pulsing blobs of feeling and grooviness and vibe”
stitch, cut, patch, flock, vent, dart, seam, cuff, inlay, embroider, pleat, gather, silhouette, shape, flatter, form, mold, compress, emphasize, bold, slit, hem, hike, ruffle, v-neck, t-neck, scoop top, décolletage
the rush—”I’d wear that”—”the designer is daring us to re-think fashion”—”I’d look good in that”—”You wouldn’t get me into that in a thousand years”—”it’s an entirely new look for her!”—”I want one of those”—”the clothes are for sale—not the models, dear”—”it’s the season — wear what you dare”
the designer feted, applauded, ovationed, bouqueted, listened to rapturously, shouted and praised, the runway is empty, everyone turns to the exit, leaving behind strangers, beautiful vagabonds and the media, who will party all night long
and say it was a great show, the best, ever


Posted from my Book Monochromatics—an alphabetically ordered series of pathetic fallacies (definitely not a dictionary!) on my blog 12 Books in a Year.


I am talking to you
from the future
from a thousand miles away
on the phone
say what you like
in the air you see me
a million tiny dots

lightbulb shining through a window
thoughts in your head
shout that name
amplify it
make a copy
any number of ways


an English garden
rose bushes, brick wall
a stone couch
an herb garden
the sun’s rays
bright and warm
sea salt
makes the sky shine
flower’s breath
a trumpet call
of perfume, bees
hum in the air


birth of the locomotive
more powerful than
the dream of superman
metronome, measurement,
scale, our sight is chromed
exhaust systems, thank you
for your present, this is
the skin of our new era


animals always walk
like they’re wearing high heels


each time is like the other
borders alter, change
all things lead to this point
the future is fire

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