fish hook

everytime I turn on the TV
right through the eye


at the edge of the city


garbage has a purpose
it is a pun
it is a riddle
it is a symbol
like a crown
or a magician’s wand
garbage is a metonym
one thing that represents many
i don’t need to prove my point
your mind will
provide an example


who needs money?


glass does not get in the way
in the light you see through it
glass reminds me of language
sometimes, you forget it is there
behind the glass the scene always changing
night time, shadows chasing the light
across the street a new building rises
filled with windows; glass is still the same
looking at the glass i see a window
looking in the window i see myself
looking through the glass i see through it
what is behind it has not changed
i am always cutting my hands on glass
all these edges slice my flesh
mystery world under glass
behind the glass you can see through it
glass does not get in the way
glass is still the same


(continuing to update my posts on 12 Books a Year—from Monochromatics.)