(this dialogue was taken, verbatim from the film Powertool)

suck that cock
suck that cock
suck that big cock

lick my ass
rim my ass
stick your tongue in there

let me fuck your ass
it feels so good
you love it don’t you?

you love it bitch
it feels good
oh yea, oh yea

let me fuck your ass you fagot
let me fuck your ass you jail house fagot
let me fuck your ass

I’m fucking your ass
you love it don’t you bitch?
I’m gonna cum

it was Susan Bordo’s “fully erect penis”
in John Travis’ prison for men

masculinity is not about gender
the man lunching on tube steak
as though it contained
the cure for cancer and a key to freedom
is a passively willing catcher
passive being his position
to the active thrust of his lover
active being his role

both men just players
while a prison cell away
the legendary Jeff Stryker
lowers his gaze
their pleasure but entertainment
for his

as Mr. Stryker
strokes his own object
is captured
by that other gaze

the one
every boy
in town

Powertool: 10th Anniversary, John Travis, 1986

Michael Dennis