04_13_07_krazykat2b krazykat

the name says nothing, words say nothing
the place is nowhere and the kat is eponymously
krazy — follow? is it the eternal brick
flying from one cell to another that will
E-pit-O-mice the 20th superfluous century?
krazy proves it, shows it, like no one knows it —
krazy’s the channel

at home within a marooned landscape that scrolls
by alive as anything else in this krazy world
surrounded by those who think they know better
only Ignatz knows to eraducate your noggin —
the only noggin worth unknowing — l’il ainjil
you’re in love — noggin already undone

the drawing all wrong and confused like scribble
Offisah Pup, Miz Heron — anyone knows better than them
we are all so wrong because we think the what for all
is not worth considering versus the what you presume, whereas

the what don’t match cannot match the what you don’t do —
independent will trumps reality … and the brick?
someone has to toss it — then it starts again

© Ward Maxwell

<Krazy Kat is my favourite comic strip of all time — despite the technical brilliance of Little Nemo (close 2nd), Herriman drank from the clear spring of comic.>