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all the glue on earth
is not enough to hold
your broken heart together

all the brains on earth
are not enough to disprove
what was said

all the tears on earth
can never make
a substitute ocean

so I will cry
and eat this salt
instead of bread
if I must die
tell me where
to find wings
to lift me

if I survive
tell me how to undo
all the things
I said

how many times
must I return
to this cold home

how many times
must I forget
the crime, the sentence
you read




is what holds the words together


grass is unusual
it was invented by the Romans
unlike most people grass stays where it grows
if grass had gone to the moon it would be there today
grass looks luxurious
people put it wherever they can
a wedge of grass can split a sidewalk
city block, manhattan skyscraper
make a dog sick
step on grass; it deserves it


the greyhound runs
that’s the way we designed it


“remember you’re the one that loves me”
“only you know how to hurt me”
try to remember as you sing your blues

everyone told you
right from the start
“you won’t win,
don’t mess with her”

but you had to find out
the hard way
and she
ate you alive

(From Monochromatics—12 Books in a Year)

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