“…and he woke up and it was all a dream.”

Better to start that way,
start your day that way,
make your quotidian dollar,
chase the sun to bed.

Prepare to enter, welsh rarebit fiend,
the Greatest Most Colourful Place on Earth,
far better than this dull newsprint world,
marvelous, capricious, the new four colour American dream.

Of course, the princess falls for a nebbish in a nightgown —
who, in return, wants to reunite her with her father —
so she can marry her ordinary boy.
But in the heart of this wondrous world
Flips a nemesis who wants in, metonym,
1910 anarchism; he subverts all meaning,
turns delight into mock proportion calamity
that inevitably undermines all order,
causes our hero to tumble back
to that inevitable beginning again …

“and he woke up and it was all a dream.”

… the best dream you ever had —
find it in your local gutter Monday.

Ward Maxwell