I got fish, I got steak
I got money, I got bones
I got honey, but without you,
I can’t make
a home.

I got linens, I got towels,
they’re hanging on wooden dowels
but they don’t muffle the howls,
I make when
you’re away.

In a cozy little cottage by the bay,
I sit alone day by day.
Happy in my own way
waiting for you to come home and stay.


I need you like the flower needs the bee
my duet without you is simplicity
though you may be far away, don’t tarry,
don’t stray – come back

and tell me you will stay.

I got grits, I got rice
a house that’s very nice
but without you
it might as well
be made of ice.

I got money, I got point of view
but honey, without you
I’m never, really,
going to have
a home.