I plucked a flower from aluminum,
an electronic baffling bouquet
that I offered humbly in a
basement that knocked in time to
pipes banging “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”
I made flowers and offered
them, suspended through gratings
of paper and motionless shadows,
on a chain I made from paper clips
in my spare time. No one was hurt
they barely noticed. Perhaps
they thought it was the TV
another demonstration of something
they could eat, maybe the flower
wasn’t big enough, colourful enough
or maybe it just wasn’t right
i grew frustrated, claimed i was bored
started the bouquet dancing, jerking
an indignant fisherman swearing
at the baitless hook, the withering
sun marking his unattended line

I gave up on my quest before I knew my purpose

I am suspended above this paper in shadow

Looking through the bars of my prison I tell myself this is not a cage

Looking for no more than a token of kindness, sympathy, forgiveness

I am startled by the noise of aluminum flowers

banging outside my window