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nothing’s seen ‘til passed
it is so hard to know which road
is the best to take
so, we’ll try all roads within our
limit, even if
it will only serve to attest
the road not taken
was the one we shouldn’t have missed.

© Ian David Arlett

Ian probably wrote these last two poems in his early twenties. He was a genius. There are more poems of his to come. Next week: Richard Harrison.

Lady, did you know
that your leaving like that
would make my bed
so empty
that only the dead
would care to
rest there
and they only

with a cold and anxious

© Ian David Arlett

an old friend
to find him changed is
like reading a book
the second time only
to discover you didn’t
understand it
the first.

© Ian David Arlett

The way
this old lady now
leans and looks
at one
half her age
who is blonde and lovely

the way
this old lady now
leans and smiles
a mirror found
she forty years


Ian David Arlett

“nothing to lose”
says she to me
volunteering all her particulars

“too much at stake”
says I to her
returning all that was offered

Ian David Arlett

honest folks
I’m not opposed
to equal rights
for women
they act

like ladies

once they
get them.

Ian David Arlett

with the light this low
with the night so close
it hardly matters at all
whether your clothes
are altogether on
or altogether off
it hardly matters at all
the night draws
even closer

Ian David Arlett

There is a town
called Zephyr
somewhere in Ontario.
It has 4 cows
2 horses
a handful of
people and houses
a Maine Street
which is the main street
mainly because
it’s the only street
and one General Store
which does not
sell generals
generally speaking.

Ian David Arlett

you ask me now
how you figure
in my life

and I’ll tell you this
my dear

that were they
to name
a B-rate

of my life

yours would be
the face
on the cutting room


Ian David Arlett

Her left foot lifted and lowered
like doom

decorating the dirty dusted floor
with varied very dead bug guts

her eyes then question marked themselves
gazing about our grim faced group

as if to ask
which of us

was likely
to do her

in a like fashion.
There were

no volunteers.

Ian David Arlett

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