and so the love is absorbed, taken at end of each day
poured into the sea, melted into the air, disappeared when
the door opened, it just came to an end—we thought
there was more, but it was gone before we knew it

it was a shock at first, we barely recognized our
selves, but then we became used to it and the next thing
we knew we were someone different, we were entirely
comfortable with, it’s not a change, it’s an adjustment

try to understand, it’s not the end of the world, we could
have postponed it but there was no reason to, we understand
completely your feelings about this, but it just doesn’t matter
we have to deal with facts, the true ones, if your fate is to be

in your hands, as it was in the beginning, then highwire it
as you once could, smile, act like the tightrope never ends