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The Batman and other character artwork quoted by the collages in this series is by various artists, most prominently Bob Powell (pencils) and Norm Saunders (painting) for the Topps Black, Blue and Red Bat series of bubblegum cards first issued in 1966, Batman and all associated characters property of DC Comics.
The Gotham Monologues: Cover card: Art by Emma Rouleau
Joker (No I): Collage by Emma Rouleau; original Joker face puzzle from the reverse of the Blue Bat series.
P.N. Guin (No E): Art by Richard Harrison.
Ms Kyle: Art by Kevin Kurytnik, Carol Beecher, and William Dyer of 15-Pound Pink Animation Studios.
Riddle Me This! Photo/painting collage by Emma Rouleau.
Mr. Dent for the Prosecution: Art by Riley Rossmo (Two-Face’s Left in pen and ink) and derek beaulieu (Two-Face’s Right in letters)
Mr. Freeze: Art by Jeremy Tankard.
Batman: Logo by Emma Rouleau



We gather, and we talk, and they’re at it again. It’s always him. I understand. I’ve read behind the scenes. Michel is right, when all that can be said is written, insanity is just a mistake in etiquette. The straight man makes the laughter. The warm-up act defines the main event. The supplemental figure, the crew’s expendable man, the girlfriend, the victim, the villain (especially the villain), all the same: in twenty pages we keep existence within his grip, take a punch, and head to jail. He thinks he has it all, and everything I’ve been denied – warm bread, a bath, the sex he never indulges in. But I am suited perfectly. In every meeting the advantage falls my way. I never change. I understand why I am here.

© Richard Harrison
art by Jeremy Tankard

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