it does not matter
how you are perceived
it is
how you perceive yourself

we are conditioned
meat sacks
from birth
society, friends,
family and foes
pound us out
drive us
into pre-cut molds
set us
out to dry

Walt Disney and Herr Hitler
both loved the cinema
both shared
visions of conformity
and knew
that in some small way
was in the details
and the dovetails

whereas Annie Sprinkle,
suitcase handle in hand
(I would suggest)
knows that beauty
is in truth
that sexuality
is per formative
a series of illusions

and always
in the eye
of the beholder

I now know
what these film makers know

it is nothing
to become a man
or a woman

to be a good person
you immortal

For Robert Eads

Linda/Les & Annie – The First Female to Male Transsexual Love Story, Annie Sprinkle, Albert Jacoma & Jonny Armstong, 1989

Michael Dennis