The name says it all — jamming’ cats is bound
to lead to hell bent frivolity and flipping the bird
to all authority schtarting with der Kaptain,
the Inspector, King Bongo — and anyone else
fool enough to be marooned on those islands.
We all get a taste of cocobonk in the end
which demands only one result — bend over and take it
this hurts me more than it hurts you … almost …
Yee Haw!!

all bulbous, plump at every angle
nose, cheek, bosom, belly
even the islands are fat, only the sea,
flat and underfed, maintains calm until …

timeless Hans and Fritz (who wear outfits precocious
and deviant in any era — any real child would know
to stay far, far away) push sleeping people out to sea,
toss around TNT, drop coconuts sure to concuss —
all in the new language (der English demands der unusual).
Ja! Ja!

Momma always forgives them — dis is der paradise —
then the regular exotic ending featuring a couple of well-deserved,
judicious, predictable spankings to keep the sea placated

But Oi! the acid bite of unfeeling youth!
Yow!! those rascals get me going!!

© Ward Maxwell