we cannot refute
facts in a row
flesh has no defense
against a perfect line


the next day he put on
red shoes like Dorothy’s
plaid trousers like Tweedle Dee’s
got rid of those blues
and tried to fit in
made the body language
he was ready to play
worked all night
worked all day
making deals
the old fashioned way
meeting new people
by telephone
understanding when
they wouldn’t meet him at home
encouraging exchanges
with friends unknown
got some contracts
let’s clamp things down
extra strength can be
created that way—the order
of business is laminate

light bulb

nipple of light
best friend in the dark
how i love to watch you
fill up
lonely little star
only one in my ceiling
all night
sixty, forty, frosted, plain

lobster thought

all i see is red
everyone is wearing an exo-skeleton today
the ridges articulate which way we bend
the man went to the airport
and was locked in the suitcase
the water in the cage is fresh
assume antannae are a blessing
all i see is red, red, red


why is Canada always pink?