Oh yes, oh yes the fucking was very, very good at first.
We were pure animal composed entirely of
primeval hunger and elemental thirst.
Any room of the house.
Any time of the night or day.
Many times every night and day.
We were driven, consumed by a simple,
chemical, indivisible lust.
Yet, we could not see that we were cursed.

Yes, that’s right for sure — the fucking was very good at first
But it blinded us to everything else that was wrong with us
so though for a while we did fairly well —
although we rose and fell and laughed and bucked —
in the end all we really got was supremely fucked.

Fare thee well, so long now, adieu, good night good night.
You shrieking shrew, get on your bike.
With all that could be said for how good the fucking was
there was never one iota of any good whatever to glean
from all the fucking fights.

© Ian David Arlett, 2014
<I am guessing Ian wrote this in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s — wm>