love life
what the Bible said
love life
is what I read
I should love life
is what her note said

just a phantom
just a dream
county fair afternoon
looking for ice cream
cotton candy on my mind
salt and vinegar
is all I find

a simple message
I could not deny
so I ask you as I cry
Why oh Why
must I — love life?

love life
it’s like some kind of sin
love life
look at the mess I’m in
don’t get me a doctor
I’m OK
get me a horse doctor
‘cause I’m shitting hay
get me someone in real estate
I got nowhere to stay
get me a pharmacist
I can’t stand the pain

someone take pity
and please explain
when you strip it all away
when nothing remains
Why oh Why
must I be in this moment
where love cleaves to the knife?

and you tell me I gotta
get me some — love life
get it on the run — love life
hotter than the sun — love life
I gotta find some — love life