The real tragedy is — do you want to know want the real tragedy is?
I make a good living running a franchise line of kennels.
I wasn’t invested in the part like so many others, you know?
Ruff, ruff; ruff, ruff — what is that about? We’re all cartoon
characters, c’mon, grow up. I admit it. I hung on too long.
All I wanted was a speaking part. I figured Andy Panda grew
into it, why not me? So, I stuck with it way too long, waiting
for the big break, the only one who didn’t know it was never
going to happen. Then I quit. They found another dummy,

I mean that both literally and figuratively, to take my place.
In return, I traded in on my name to make a good life for myself.
It’s my name, I never heard from anyone, no one’s going
to bite. Chasing the tail is all behind us. Let live and let live.
Besides … a kennel? C’mon, who else are you going to trust
to take care of your best friend than a cartoon character dog?
Give me a break.

I like it out here in Arizona — lots of room to run wild, dig,
chase the wildlife. Rrrr. I sponsor a local theatre company.
I’ve written and directed some plays that have been well received:
Exit the Mouse, Duck of Death, and my favourite, Goofy Down.

(P, is in my humble opinion, an underrated genius. A cartoon dog within a cartoon, nothing but a dog, he could own the screen. The charade, was, and is, breathtaking. Pluto premiered in 1930, an obvious heir to Fitz’s throne. All hail the love of the faithful dog! GG)