is poetry Animosity? perhaps … poetry might be
Beauty, or Blindness, a grey gull flies through thunder it believes is night though it is day.
is poetry Cocaine? cocaine is a drug.
is poetry a Drug? poetry does not sell on the streets for a half million a pound.
is poetry an Effort? effervescently!
is poetry a good Fuck? always spell it phonetically — phuck
is poetry a Greeable? Green bulls are either impossible or the bilious spew that emanates from a liar — yes, probably.
But a gree a bull is a syntax error! strike any Key to continue
What happened to hij? poetry should be like a Honky-tonk, or at the very least unpredictable
is poetry Ineffable?
what is poetry doing in a Joint like this? Choose one:
1)    trying to look respectable,
2)    moving uptown, looking downtown,
3)    letting loose like a wild caboose;
pick all or one;
poetry is None.
poetry is Kissing my girlfriend! We already did K
poetry is ruining my Life (sorry, talking to myself again)
poetry is Metronomic Myself Madness — in a stroke, in a strophe, on a stick
poetry is not Of or from or is, only in
poetry is a Pen, deep steep’d, beaded with ink so black, I love it like the jungle
Quiet? never!
poetry Rationale redux
senseless Sutural attack on reality, order and or chaos as you choose to experience it
nature excepted for romantics on Tuesday
terrible what I am doing to the alphabet isn’t it? I’m not done yet! r U? no way! (close
Very close)
poetry is Warm and Wet on Wednesdays
poetry is full of eXcess — writing this is eXhilarating!
Why? whY not? because no one has the correct or even one good answer
you fill in the final blank (note to self: complete with Zygote)