stackable Tupperware

promise to lift us up
and swallow us instead

encase and surround us
next thing you know

we’re as fresh
as next week’s bread

they contain us, exactly
like we were made to fit

and the stay fresh sound
of the snap tight lid

is a promise that we
will be OK—take a picture

to show to anyone left
outside, “we like it here,

no really, we do. c’mon,
you’ll like it inside”


desiccated echinoderm
dangle in the window from a thread
glass your ocean
sky your blue
at night a little light
shines upon you and
you sparkle like a star


steel’s the tower
steel’s the car
steel’s the railway
steel’s the destroyer
steel’s the Brooklyn Bridge
steel’s the gold
steel’s the water
steel’s the spirit
steel’s the thing