This year’s blog has been devoted to communicating the energy and love of poetry that was the fountainhead all the Peterborough Poets drank from. It was from within us, renewed by us, and shared freely between us. We have all written lots since, and on this blog, we try to convey how and what it was. There’s more to tell. But for once, words aren’t necessary. Michael Dennis intro’s Ian and Ian begins. Both Michael, Rob Wipond and I have tried to give you some idea of who Ian was. But we are only mirrors. Here is Ian, at his best. Please stick with it for the second poem; if you haven’t the patience go to 2:23 to hear “The Soul’s Deepest Song is of Love”. I assure you — it is worth it.
(Incidentally, if you ever think to read your work in public — study this — notice: no paper, no reading — performance. That’s what you do when you are in front of an audience.)