This is a collection of earlier poems, mainly from my 20’s and 30’s.

Richard Harrison edited an original version of this book—but I had to excise a number of poems as they have already been published (Wrestling the Angel/ Deep Water), or are yet to be published in another book. Hopefully, Richard will forgive me.

I have to thank Richard from the bottom of my heart for this book. Arlen was dead and I had no sense of how deeply depressed I was. (I had never really been depressed before so I had no scale to bring to bear.) Richard, out of the blue (we had not been in touch for a while), called and said he wanted to get a book of my poetry into publication! It was precisely the shock of approval I needed.

So, I started anew. By going back. Back to university when Richard and I would read with Riley Tench and Michael Dennis, and Ian David Arlett — others as well; I am remiss if I suggest we were the only game in town.

And reading in Toronto with Michael Dennis. Dennis Tourbin at Poetry a Go Go (organized by Elliot Lefko). Performing with John Tench in his theatre company Theatre Kathartic (which katharticized itself right out of creation.)

I gave Richard full access to my writing and he went through it, made his choices — and then my work began. Richard, as a teacher and writer, kept demanding from me the level of work that he believed I was capable of — and I started to realize how lazy I had been. My rebirth began.

My re-birth is not easy and is still on-going. This book was my first step. Please read it remembering the spirit of the late 70’s and early 80’s (how I am dating myself!) Everything was as stale as big hair, but there was this new sound— punk/ new wave (no one knew the difference at that point.) And everything was soon to be revitalized.