Fully interested, firm, active employees offer performance based fees for discretionary services of matching, short, intermediate, or long duration.
An examination of the price for limited partnership determines the appropriate timing of the transaction.
A minimum of two managers is associated with each client and we handle every private client on an individual basis.
Homogeneous portfolios are offered in ABA and BAB objectives to extend growth, turnover, duration and performance.
Professional staff offers social screening of private client objectives and risk breakdown by experience and quality.
Risk parameters are determined for each client and agreed upon in writing.
Yields on fixed instruments are high as risk and bottom-up top-down exposure increases.
Normal asset allocation targets are determined after consultation with clients relative to objectives and constraints.
We may then deviate somewhat from those targets at different times in the course of a full cycle to maintain discipline and liquidity.
Professional staff commingles with clients and regularly uses street research to maintain a dominant position.
When sector-swapping performance is consistently applied over time, the average meter of issues, duration shifts and asset allocations change in the yield curve.
Performance is cheap relative to intrinsic value.
This process is repeated every five weeks.

Source: A Canadian Who’s Who of Investment Advisors from the mid-1990s

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