Let’s get this show on the road, said the chalk artist
A pigeon flew at me and made me duck.
Originally, I loved the bow and arrow, but I no longer get that quiver.
I wanted to write an alphabet in a boat, but I floundered at sea.
I got a dog, and wanted to give us pet Latin names — he was going to be Canus, but my friend said “You can’t be Sirius.”
They told us they were bison, but I think we were buffaloed.
I asked the baker where the sun rose, and why — he said “Look yeast.”
He built his novel from the ground up, and missed a story.
A friend lives on a flagpole. Whenever I ask him how he’s doing, he replies, I’m up for anything.
I trapped a skunk in my house but before I let him go, he got me — it was instinct.
I like to read the comics at breakfast — they’re serial.
I can never get away from cats — they keep dogging me.
I wanted to play solo water polo but the pool was teeming.
My bird dog wanted to go hunting — but I quailed at the last moment.
When the spy asked me about the growth on his face— I said, you’ve got a problem — that’s a mole.
Every time Bugs Bunny sees Elmer Fudd he does a rabbit.
He told me it was a good spot to sit and fish, so I perched there.
I helped the fisherman load his catch into his cart. It was hard to push, so he said, “Let’s put some mussel into it.”
When I asked the raptor expert which bird was the biggest, he replied, ”Well, all things being eagle …”
When the inventor was asked what was the heart of his paper engine, he replied, the manifold.
The door is ajar.