I loved the way
You looked that day
Eye smile the sunlight
Coming in beautiful
Over your shoulder
Caressing beautiful face
Blushing your smiling lips
Eye sparkle rose dream o
You have been etched forever
An image fair in my mind
O yes I remember
The smile turn of head
As I met your mouth with mine grinning

I am here with you
We are not alone
Delusion or desire
This is neither
I love you
I want to touch you

You I am here with
This beauty beast thing
Demon at the heart
I am the loving demon at your most gentle gate.

I will not change anything
Nor do I not expect miracles
For miracle is ours
With this beauty beast thing
Delusion or desire this is neither

Sun in smile awed miracles
Delusions or not
I am here with you

I wanted to seduce you with my poetry…

I do not feel the cold when I am in your arms

John Tench