Love letter

I stand naked
On the brim of your bed
My skin feels full
And heavy with musk
There is a full moon
Outside the window…
Feeling my stomach

The movement of you
Beside me in the dark
The soft scent upon us
I look upon you push back covers
Yours eyes watching under petals of skin
Your mouth a crimson wound
In the peace of your face
And the moonlight coming in
Shifts silver across the bed

I take in the room
The bed
The movement
Of you beside me
In the gentle dark

Peaceful like a dream

the dancer

shift of muscle
turns on bone
the extreme and animal grace
in the hand extended
the body like water
she dances
under stars
the enchantment
of the slow movement
the enchantment
evoke the movement
of stars
the turn of earth
the pull and ebb
of space
that dances in fashion
all contained
in the hand extended
the body like water
she dances
under moon
under star
she dances

paris mon amour

I come to you as a desert horseman
You the oasis, I the thirst

I come to you as a sailor
This being my favourite port of call

I come to you as the working bee
and you the nectared flower.

I come to you for gentle times
Your balm a soothing ease

I know what’s right

I’m an Addled Rock Star
I’m a Punk Poet
I’m a Damn Actor
But.. I know what’s Right and I know what’s Wrong boyo
I’m a Loose Cannon
I’m a Dancing Fool
I’m a Star Walker
But, I know what’s right and I know what’s Wrong boyo
I’m a Kid with a Dream
I’m a Shout and a Scream
I’m an Heir to Greatness
And, I know what’s Right and I know what’s Wrong boyo
I’m in you
Yr in me
We make three
I’m the Mountain I’m the Lightning Storm and I’m the Stepping Razor
So now…Watch out boyo…

Travels with my Brother — Searching for the Muse

Once upon a time
I waited for you
the light changed and grew
Over the marbled mansion tops
and chimney pots then fell
to westering in all its island glory.

And once..
‘pon a time
You stood looking for me
Across the port and an azured sea
The ships all pressed against each and other
At rest and lee
On this storied and Ancient quay.

Then once…
Upon another time
From upon a sunned and sea bound isle
We watched Poseidons wine dark sea
We dreamed and sat awhile.

At last upon the final time
A’pondering our myths
then answering other questions
T’was mighty Poseidons dream
We laughed in a rapturous extreme
While calling out for more
there by the Ulyssean shore.

staccato city (city in poem)

of brief poetry.

(tracks in the snow
of a remembered winter..)

in poem image

the fast
clip crack
of the subway
ripping down underground

a torn
poster corner
flapping in the wind
of streetcars and cabs

an old man
in chemical solitude
awaiting loose changes

crisp winter sun
and daffodil ice
while walking thru the park
to my lover’s

liquid yellow and silver
at the corner of my vision

a streetcar hiss and whine
on metal streaked cold spring
lines wires cars an steel
and there /        daffodil ice

daffodil ice

© John Tench, 2015
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