white noise static rustles through the thinning air of your apartment
chilled by the April night clear sky and clean digital stars

the telemetry of keyboard strokes fingerprinting on the darkened screen
leaving a lasting impression on your visual cortex
connecting with your brain and emotion
heart locking steadily against the mechanisms of misunderstanding
routinizing your day with breath   and current   and distant connections

day-old rice with just enough spice to keep you going
want more and pain intrudes onto the working page

image dialecting into dial-up mode embracing static over phone lines
encoded breaths of marginal existence longing for the fraction of more
of electrical impulse crackling through fingertips
through light   through night   through the dance of images
reflected in your eyes   charging though the static to embrace   good night

<published In Our Own Words (US)
published Dream Catcher (UK) 2009>
© Catherine Jenkins, 2015