On the subway: a grandmother, white hair, black woman sitting beside me says to herself “all right”—stands up in a crowded subway car on its way to Spadina station and says “Now, listen up people, listen to me for just a moment. Remember to do right, to be good, to read your Bible, and pray, because He is coming again and it might be soon, He will come again, and you have to remember to be good, try to have goodness in your hearts and read your Bible because it is good for you, we don’t know how much time we have left, it could happen at any moment, so please, be good, read your Bible, He is coming.” Everyone just stands there, some slack-jawed, though there are a couple of “Amen’s” pronounced throughout this self-prescribed, solely delivered, struck right to the bone, subway sermon. Amen sister, Amen brother. Do good.